Parental Collaboration

Class Representative's role

• Be the information receiver/giver for comments to or from parents and take part in the parent representative meetings.
• Invite to any additional parents' meetings in collaboration with the teacher.
• Actively contribute to organizing activities for the class, please delegate tasks to other parents.

The teacher's role

• Call for the meeting in September and be responsible for the content.
• Class representatives and teachers work together to arrange time and content of a possible class activity in the spring term.

Parent Meetings in the autumn term

In September, the school/teachers invite parents to the meeting, the school/teachers are responsible for the content.
Class representatives are appointed (2 parents per class).

Class activity during the spring term.

Class representatives and teachers cooperate regarding time and content for a possible class activity such as summer party, picnic..

Meetings of class representatives

The school management invites the class representatives to a meeting 4 times per year.
Contents: general information from school, changes regarding the whole school, issues parents want discussed.

Parents' Association

Inviting parents one morning a week to the school staff room.
Contents: socialize, possible work assignment from the school.






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