Our preschool classes


Nice to see that you are interested in our preschool classes at Kvarngärdet School. You, who have a child who will start school in August 2024, i.e. whose birth year is 2018, can apply to our preschool classes (Junior Class) during the school selection period 15th January to 31st January 2024.

At Kvarngärdesskolan, we have two ordinary pre-school classes with instruction in Swedish and a pre-school class where English is the language of instruction (Junior Class). Only students who have English as their daily language of communication at home, i.e. who communicate daily in English with one or two guardians, can apply to the Junior Class. All teaching is based on the Swedish curriculum Lgr22.

The autumn term 2024 begins on Tuesday 20th August. At the beginning of the term we will have induction days for our new students but after that period the school day is 8.15am to 1.30pm. If, after that time you need an after-school place for your child, you can apply for this through Uppsala council after you have received an offer of a school place from us. Our after school activities (Fritidshem) is open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In our preschool classes, there is room for 28 students in each class and we have 2 preschool teachers and at least one extra person in each class, this in order to be able to meet all students' interests, experiences and needs in the best way from the first day with us at Kvarngärdet School.

We put a lot of focus on value-based work and on teaching our students to take responsibility as a group. It is important to us that our students feel safe, seen and listened to and that they are supported in creating good peer relationships right from the start. We work with language development methods through, among other things, the Bornholm method and every year we carry out the National School Agency’s survey of the pupils' skills in language and mathematics. This is a support for our teachers to shape the teaching according to the students' different prior knowledge.

The school is temporarily located at Råbyvägen 69A, near the IFU Arena. The plan is for us to move back to our original address at Thunmansgatan 47 before the autumn term of 2025, where a brand new school is currently being built. The students who start with us now will be included in the move back to Kvarngärdet. This means that all our students who start preschool class in 2024 will be able to stay at our school for their entire time in primary school, from preschool class to year 9. It also means that these students will be able to participate in moving into a completely new school.

You are welcome to our Open House on Tuesday 23/1 anytime between 9 a.m. until 13 p.m. with an information meeting for parents to new students at 18 p.m. until 19 p.m.