Free time activities

We have out-of-school activities between 6.30 am and 5.30 pm for students in grade F-3.

Here we have room to create spontaneous and temporary activities where the children's own wishes and interests can guide the activities

We follow a well-structured weekly timetable in which every department has adapted its activities to the children’s ages and needs. Outdoor activities, crafts, theatricals and amateur choral singing are some of the attractions on offer.

Kvarngärdesskolan’s free time activities are divided into four departments, all of them on school premises.

Fritids works to the same curriculum as school, Lgr 22. Our task is to offer the children educational activities to supplement their schooling, thereby making their leisure time both meaningful and stimulating.

In addition, we seek to give children the care needed in order for their parents to feel comfortable about combining parenthood with gainful employment or educational activity.