Advanced program in English

Kvarngärdesskolan has received authorization from The Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) to begin an Advanced Studies Program in English, starting in the autumn term 2013.

A pupil will enter the program in 7th grade and study accelerated English. The 9th grade level will correspond to the first-year gymnasium school course. Although the 9th grade National Test in English will be taken as usual, the 9th grade course will cover the first year of gymnasium.

Our English teachers will cooperate with English teachers at Katedralskolan. In 9th grade, our pupils may be joining pupils from Katedralskolan for some projects. To ensure that the level of knowledge expected will be consistent for all pupils, the construction of tests and grading will be in cooperation with teachers at Katedralskolan.

Are you interested in advanced studies in English? If so, you will need to do a small test.
The test will consist of both oral and written sections.

For more information, contact Anna Jones.