Our BLIC classes are aimed at students who are bilingual (Swedish and English) at the time they start school. Our students have English as a daily communication language at home before they apply to BLIC.

Our bilingual classes have English teachers who either grew up in English-speaking countries or have lived and worked there for several years. All teaching in preschool class and in year 1 is in English. From year 2 to year 9, the percentage of Swedish is increased so that the students' total teaching time is at least 50 percent in Swedish.

In year 7-9, our students are offered Cambridge classes in Mathematics and Science and also Advanced English. The school is also a member of the international network ECIS, the Educational Collaboration of International Schools.

English class grades 1-4

Our English class is for students in grades 1-4. The students in this class have no prior knowledge of Swedish, and they are only here to stay for a short, limited time. Students whose parents are doing research at the university are given priority for this class.

Apply to BLIC class/English class

If your child is bilingual, you are welcome to apply for our BLIC classes. If your child does not know Swedish and will stay in Sweden for a short, limited time, you can apply for the English class. You apply for both of these classes via this form: Application to Bilingual Class or English Class.

If a place is available, you will be contacted shortly. If no place is available at the time of application, the school will not contact you until a place is available. If/when you are offered a place, you must also apply via Mitt Skolval.

If you have any questions about the BLIC classes, please contact Assistant Principal Anna Jones.