Welcome to Kvarngärdesskolan

Kvarngärdesskolan is an F-9 school that is currently located on Råbyvägen 69A in temporary buildings. Uppsala municipality is building a brand new Kvarngärdes school at our original address at Thunmansgatan 47. In August 2025, it is planned to move back and at the same time expand grades 6-9 so that all our students can continue their entire primary school years with us.

Currently, there are regular Swedish classes from pre-school class to year 5 and bilingual classes (BLIC) from pre-school class (Junior Class) to year 9. BLIC is attended by students who have English as their daily language of communication at home. We also offer a smaller English class for students who are only in Sweden for a short period. For our upper secondary students, we offer Advanced Education in English as well as Cambridge education in mathematics and NO. For more information and how to apply for the various classes, see under "Our activities" in the menu.

For pre-school class to year 3, there is an after-school center and from year 4 and up, our students can enroll in an after-school club which is run on the school's premises.

All our teaching is based on the Swedish curriculum; LGR22.

The school's goal is to educate our students to understand that knowledge gives freedom to shape their own future. We have high expectations of each other and of our students, and in year 9 our students have for several years achieved high results and 100% upper secondary school eligibility.

15 January 2024