Cambridge Classes

Cambridge Classes in Science and Maths, BLIC 8 and 9

Our students in Grade 8 and 9 have the opportunity to join a Cambridge class for the science subjects and for Maths. These classes are given outside regular school hours and curriculum. The students meet appr 1 hour per week to study Science and Maths, discuss the latest discoveries & debates, as well as develop new lab experiments and prepare for the internationally acclaimed IGCSE exams.

We started teaching according to this program in August 2016.
Our students can study for the Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics exams. They sit their exams at a Cambridge Examinations test centre in Stockholm in May and October each year.

Here is more information about the programme:

These are demanding studies at international standards, but could be precisely what you require if you are already self-driven to achieve academically in all subjects. The Cambridge classes will give knowledge in the science subjects at world standards for your age.

To apply to the Cambridge Classes, the guardians need to contact Brady Caldwell. Brady can also answer questions regarding the Cambridge classes.

Cambridge Course Coordinator & Science Teacher,
Brady Caldwell